Fort Meigs Association

Fort Meigs Association

A Local Partnership

The Fort Meigs Association (FMA) was incorporated as a private, non-profit entity in 2009 and received its 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2010. The FMA manages the daily operations of Fort Meigs, including its preservation, maintenance, and educational and interpretive programming, on behalf of the Ohio History Connection. This management approach is part of a new business model adopted by the OHC due to severe budget cuts.

Continued Support

The FMA has a long history with Fort Meigs. It is the successor of the Fort Meigs Cabinet which was formed in 2002 to act as an advisory committee to the site director and to act as the fundraising arm of the site. Many Fort Meigs Cabinet members continue to serve as board members of the Fort Meigs Association. Under this current operating system all earned and donated revenue remains in Northwest Ohio with the Fort Meigs Association to finance the preservation, maintenance and programming at Fort Meigs.

"This day three of our men were fired upon by the Indians on the opposite side of the river while they were after grass for beds; one of them received a ball in his pocket, but lodged in his Psalm book; they made their escape in haste."

~ Captain Daniel Cushing
2nd Regiment, U.S. Artillery
March 9, 1813

Photo credit: Fort Meigs