Legacy of Freedom

Legacy of Freedom: The Fort Meigs Museum


Discover frontier Ohio. This section of the Fort Meigs Museum is filled with maps and descriptions of the early Native inhabitants and how they came into conflict with Europeans and Americans.

Explore the history of the War of 1812 and the role that Fort Meigs played within the war. Hundreds of artifacts, most of which were found on-site, help tell the story of Fort Meigs.


Learn how archaeologists and historians were able to discover what took place here 200 years ago. Watch a video about the discovery of two horses found buried here – the first horses ever recovered from a War of 1812 site.


Learn how the men who served at Fort Meigs remembered their experiences, as well as how people of later generations immortalized them.


This is just a small sample of the artifacts found on display at Fort Meigs. More artifacts will be highlighted as time goes on.

Greenville Treaty Wampum Belt

Franklinton Courthouse Weathervane

Ohio Militia Musician’s Coatee

5.5″ Bomb Fragments

General Henry Proctor’s
Watch Chain and Fob

General Henry Proctor’s Letter Seal

Francis Tansel Powder Horn

Prisoner Report to General Bostwick

"We have yet to speak of the slain, the wounded, and the dying, as these must be taken into the account in reckoning the cost."

~ Private Alfred M. Lorrain
Virginia Militia

Photo credit: Weaver