Second Sunday Games

Second Sunday Games

The second Sunday of every month, 2022


Once a month we offer a wide variety of tabletop games designed to engage all levels of the family. This game day is presented on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Games are divided into two basic categories:

Kids – Simple games for kids to learn their numbers and help with sportsmanship skills. These are easy, fast play, “roll the dice” games designed around adventure and decision making.

Historical Miniatures – For older kids and adults, Historical Miniatures will teach you about history as you command an army. The scenarios will re-create historic battles from Ancient Greece to Modern Times.

Game days are monitored by Fort Meigs Staff and Volunteers. It is an excellent way for parents to interact with their children in a fun, learning environment. Involvement with Second Sunday Games is included with the regular admission to Fort Meigs which also grants access to the Historic Fort itself, our museum, film room, and classroom space.

The Historical Miniature battles are moving through time each month. Check the schedule below to begin your grand strategy.

Feb. 13th - "Relief of Ft. Meigs"

Gen. Clay moves down the Maumee with 1,200
Kentucky Militia to reinforce the garrison at the rapids.

March 13th - "Roman Civil War"

“The Battle of Pharsalus, August 9th. 48 B.C.” Julius Caesar catches and defeats the army of Pompey in central Greece.

April 10th – American Civil War -
"R.B. Hayes and the Ohio 23rd"

Tasked with protecting the Union rail lines in West Virginia, Hayes and his men clash with Rebel troops.

May 8th - “Wings of War WWI”

Man to man combat in the skies over France.

June 12th - "Between Wind
and Water"

Ship to ship warfare in the Age of Sail.

July 10th - “The Battle of Piqua, Aug. 8th. 1780”

Gen. George Rogers Clark leads his Kentucky Militia
in a raid against the Shawnee in Ohio.

August 14th – American War for Independence “The Swamp Fox”

Francis Marion harassed the British and Loyalist troops
in the Carolinas by striking swiftly with his small force
and then slipped away into the swamps.

Sept. 11th - “Fallen Timbers
August 20th, 1794”

Mad Anthony Wayne leads his army against the
confederation of Native American tribes for final control
of the Old Northwest.

Oct. 9th - “The Miami Strike Back!”

Incursions by the 5 Nations into Miami territory climaxed
with a major battle between the combatants in 1689.

Nov.13th  - “Jutland,
May 31st. 1916”

British and German naval forces engage in a major
battle lasting almost three days.

Dec. 11th - "Stonehenge"

In celebration of the Winter Solstice, we recreate a mythical encounter between two rival war bands wanting to claim ownership of this sacred place