Virtual Teaching Tools

All Virtual Programs can be scheduled by emailing John Thompson, Program Manager.
John can be reached at or (419) 874-4121.


Host a virtual call and interview with a soldier serving at Fort Meigs. A historically uniformed staff member at Fort Meigs Historic Site will give an online presentation to your class or group and be able to answer direct questions from participants in real time. Through screen sharing, the presentation will include maps, timelines, and prints detailing the origin and outcomes of the War of 1812 and how the war affected the development of Ohio and the United States. Participants will benefit from seeing the uniform and soldier’s equipment through the live call – shedding valuable light on the everyday struggles of life on the front lines.


The case history is a 24”x18” rentable hard case that is an excellent teacher’s aide for instructing the entire War of 1812 era including Northwest Ohio’s role in this great conflict. The case includes detailed lesson plans and example assignments for streamlined application. The principle design of the case history program is to use real objects and specific documents to enrich students’ understanding of both the American and American Indian way of life in the early 19th century. The focus straddles both the military and civilian experience at Fort Meigs and beyond into the frontier. The volume of articles included could easily fill two weeks of virtual classtime as students explore the differences and similarities to their own lives with the men and women on the front lines. Of particular interest:

• British and American news and propaganda of the time
• Diversity of community in the Old Northwest
• Games and Entertainment
• Historic Clothing

Upon payment teachers will be emailed digital copies of all historic documentation (maps, broadsides, prints, etc.) for easier online use. For a complete inventory of the case history emailing John Thompson, Program Manager.


The virtual video tour is a one hour film version of the basic on-site guided tour of Fort Meigs appropriate for all ages. This tour includes a live question and answer session with one of our tour guides packaged with the tour. Uniformed Staff members will shed light on the origins and outcomes of the war of 1812 and how American and British/Indian armies came to clash at the Maumee River in Northwest Ohio, a principal theatre of the war. Major highlights and themes of the historic site are visually explored within the fort’s walls including Blockhouses, Artillery Batteries, and Monuments as well as the uniform, equipment and weapons of the American soldier. Valuable insight, useful in any online classroom, will be gained in the exploration of:

• Topographic observations and engineering in the fort’s design and construction.
• The opportunity to consider chronological events in the timeline of the two principle sieges.
• The realities of military and frontier life are exposed in discussions of camp conditions and medical practices of the time.
• Concepts of legacy and remembrance are investigated in how the United States grew and gained from the experience of its first declared War



The purpose of this document set is to provide materials, references, and activities that will enable teachers to prepare their students for visiting Fort Meigs or utilizing any of the virtual options offered by the historic site. Additionally, it ensures adherence to the Ohio State New Learning Standards curriculum for Social Studies by addressing each content statement in turn of the Ohio History Strand. This includes the various groups of people who have lived in Ohio, the Northwest Ordinance, and the War of 1812. Each section will contain a 6-part lesson plan for the teacher and the material necessary to carry out the assignment, as well as ideas for follow-up activities if the unit meets with popular success among students.

Photo credit: Fort Meigs