Reenactor Event Registration


  • All participants must be pre-registered and should be part of a unit to attend. Participants cannot be guaranteed space if they are not pre-registered.
  • Wood and water are provided and indoor restrooms are on-site.
  • Ice and Straw are provided in limited quantities. See registration form for more information.
  • Re-enactor check-in opens at 12:00 noon Friday. No one is permitted to begin set-up prior to this time, except sutlers.
  • Everyone age 16+ must check-in and sign the safety waiver at the registration area upon arrival.
  • Be prepared to participate. All participants should plan to take part in at least one scheduled activity each day of the event.
Artillery Information
  • A 3-pound gun or larger is required to take part in a tactical.
  • A full crew compliment is required to take part in a tactical.
  • No pre-rolled rounds allowed. Rounds must be made on site under staff supervision.
  • Guns are subject to inspection by site staff.
Sutler & Trader Information
  • Sutlers may set up after noon on the Thursday prior to the event and should check in at the Visitor Center prior to set up.
  • Friday arrivals please check in at the general registration area.
  • Please indicate your expected arrival time on the registration form.
  • As of 2018, Sutler fees are waived.

Registration Forms

60 Years War for Ohio

August 13-14, 2022

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WAR OF 1812

First Siege 1813

May28-29, 2022


June 19 – 20, 2021

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"...two barges came from Cleveland with tea, coffee, sugar, butter, cheese, potatoes & tobacco with other articles & etc."

~ Anonymous
Simonton's Co., Ohio Militia
June 12, 1813

Photo credit: Adam Sakel